Kiki’s Classic Double Ovals

Passionate about the ballet, Kiki’s iconic double oval stud earrings were inspired by the beautiful costumes from Sleeping Beauty  24 years ago. In particular, it was the costumes of the Spring fairy and Autumn fairy that prompted Kiki to experiment and create an array of vibrant earring colour combinations, that are still so admired around the world today.

“I saw the Spring fairy in Sleeping Beauty wearing a tutu that was pale blue with green on top. I came back and designed some Peridot and Blue Topaz earrings, and that’s what started the whole collection.” Kiki

Kiki’s double ovals best showcase her passion for colour, which defines her style, making her jewellery unique. The key to her success has been her ability to dare to experiment with unusual colour combinations, set in elegant and wearable designs.

“I have always loved coloured gemstones and thought they were underrated and undervalued. So many of us seem to wear all black, especially in the winter, so to have a necklace or pair of coloured earrings brightens up the face” Kiki
“The pastel stones are so soft and feminine which is why I adore them” Kiki“To put contrasting colour combinations together is much harder than it looks. A great deal of careful thought has to go into it so that they compliment each other perfectly” Kiki

Exceptionally fun and easy to wear, these earrings are still as popular today. Indeed, our ambassador Jemima Jones’s favourite pair of everyday earrings are Kiki’s Peridot and Blue Topaz double ovals.

There is a pair of Kiki double ovals for everyone!