Exquisite Jewellery For Everyday

Famous for striking coloured gemstones and wearable designs, Kiki McDonough has become one of the most desirable British jewellery brands in the luxury sector. Kiki began designing in 1985 after recognising an opportunity to offer beautifully designed, timeless jewellery using precious gemstones that broke the conventions of traditional antique jewellery. Leading the way in modern fine jewellery design, Kiki believes that women should build a collection of wearable fine jewellery that can be
enjoyed and loved every day.

"Though my designs have varied in style, cost and composition over the years, I have always designed wearable and beautiful jewellery at an affordable price. It was this gap in the market that inspired me to start designing in the first place"

The enduring success of Kiki McDonough is testament to her creativity and attention to detail. Kiki’s passion for colour, elegance and workmanship can be seen in every piece of Kiki jewellery. The brand offers accessible luxury and Kiki designs with every woman in mind, regardless of age or situation.

Kiki’s Influences and Inspirations

The Kiki McDonough brand has grown rapidly over the past decade, and is now recognised across the globe. As the brand expands into new regions, Kiki McDonough will continue to pioneer the use of unique and unusual gemstones in vibrant and daring colour combinations.

Kiki's World